Exotica exhibit at me Collectors Room (at me Collectors Room)

This was my day today 🙏 (at Széchenyi Fürdő)

The Blow and Balancer for Tom Tom Magazine : )  The Blow and Balancer for Tom Tom Magazine : )  The Blow and Balancer for Tom Tom Magazine : ) 

The Blow and Balancer for Tom Tom Magazine : ) 



TGIF is proud to announce that we’ll be hosting the Post-Cocktail event this winter in Brooklyn.

Be sure to submit to Post-Cocktail and be considered for the small show of prints at the opening!

We’re so excited about this! Submit!

Post-cocktail with Roxana Azar!

Untitled (The Bathers), 2014

This photo is from a body of work that I’ve been keeping under wraps (at least from the internet) for quite some time now. But I really want to start sharing a few of the photos I’m making because I’m really excited about them.

Got a lot of new editorial work up on my site from Bloomberg Businessweek and Tom Tom Magazine! See it here

end of film

Candles I shot for Bloomberg Business week : ) 

My house always smells amazing now!


TGIF is proud to announce our second pop-up gallery + shop which will take place at Dossier Outpost at South Street Seaport. We’ll be around from Wednesday, August 20 until Sunday, August 31.

OPENING: Thursday, August 21 * 6-9pm * (RSVP on FB here)

Vagabonding presents work from TGIF members Bobby Walsh, Ryan Oskin, Cait Oppermann, Lauren Zaser, and Yael Malka.

Due to all galleries in our building recently being evicted, VAGABONDING seemed fitting to the current state of TGIF.

The TGIF Shop will house small, affordable goods by local artists including:

Packet Biweekly


Erotic Fiction (Kelley McNutt/Megan Saienni /Carol Hu/Izabelle New/Mikey Cote/Neil O’Malley/Sara Danko)

Eric Helgas 

Jordan Sondler

Kat Slootsky 

Richard Perez 

Beauty Today 

Cait Oppermann 

Yael Malka 

Ryan Oskin 

Cody Hoyt 

+ more to come!


TGIF Gallery tote bags for $7 and koozies for $3 : )

Thanks so much to Kat Slootsky and Dossier Outpost!

Vagabonding tonight! See you there : )